The most delicious way to spread goodness. As partners of the Sea Turtle Conservancy since 2012, each of our bottles saves a baby turtle.


baby sea turtles saved

through our partnership with the Sea Turtle Conservancy

through our partnership with
the Sea Turtle Conservancy

The Naked turtle

The Naked turtle!

We’re The Naked Turtle White Rum, a spirit that makes doing good both easy breezy & delicious. Our rum is crafted with quality sugarcane molasses and bottled "naked," which means it never touches the inside of an oak barrel, letting our crystal clear taste shine through. That's why our rum cocktails say no to sugarcoating, and yes to fresh ingredients!

our naked rum cocktails

The Naked Turtle has never met a mixer it didn’t like, but we taste best with soda water or fresh fruit juice.

$1 can save an estimated 2 endangered baby sea turtle hatchlings. For every bottle of The Naked Turtle White Rum made, we’ll make a donation to the Sea Turtle Conservancy to save a baby sea turtle hatchling, up to $1 million per year.